Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


Tomma Abts

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With upright frameworks and perpendicular arrangements, which challenge the bystander as a striking representational structure would, Tomma Abts has built an enthusiastic following for her conceptual paintings. Born in Kiel in Germany in 1967, Abts has decided to name many of her works after German provinces and counties, a choice which amplifies the personification of her thematic process. She rarely decides which subject matter to explore, prior to immersing herself with the particulars of her method, which invariably include a specific canvas size, and her usual operating tools.

"I work inside- out, so to say, and the shapes are almost negative shapes." 
Tomma Abts
She favours fast drying industrial paint as well as pigments to expand her sketches form initial, carefully patterned components. Her paintings are often viewed as theoretical, and non-pictorial, and she has indeed decided to distance herself from the German Expressionist school of art: she has consciously decided to avoid conventional forms of characterization.

"I start with nothing really, I make no sketches before I start the painting, I work directly onto the canvas." 
Tomma Abts

The reality of the world perceptible with the senses, is seldom featured in her paintings, and she doesn't borrow from the specifics of individual physical experience to relate her vision the observer. Instead, she conjures multi-layered configurations, which creat
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Tomma Abts

Ohne Titel, 2015

Limited Edition Print


USD 1,000 - 1,700

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What is Process Art?

What is Process Art?

It refers to creative sentiment as well as artistic movement where the final product of craft and art is not the artist's principal focus. The term "process" in this art refers to art formation, gathering, the sorting, associating, collating, initiation and patterning of proceedings and happenings. It is concerned with the actual deed and the defining of actions as actual artwork; seeing it as purely human expression. Process art mostly entails inherent motivation, intentionality and rationale. This art is therefore, viewed as a creative process or journey rather than being an end product or a deliverable.

Arne QUINZE | My home

Arne Quinze

My Home, My House, My Stilt House, 2010

Limited Edition Print

Digital Print On Paper

EUR 1,500

Victor VASARELY | Vilag | Screen-print available for sale on composition gallery

Victor Vasarely


Limited Edition Print


EUR 2,300

Peter DOIG | House of paintings (Haus der Bilder) | Etching available for sale on composition gallery

Peter Doig

House Of Paintings (Haus Der Bilder), 2004

Limited Edition Print


EUR 1,900

Javacheff CHRISTO | Wrapped Walkways Detail WW-451 | Photograph available for sale on composition gallery

Javacheff Christo

Wrapped Walkways Detail WW-451

Limited Edition Print


EUR 11,000