Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


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Generally, we accept first-tier works that have been created by established artists and are listed at the right price – the provenance and condition of a work must also be traceable in order to be accepted for listing on the site. 
If you own any works that you feel meet the above criteria, please visit our ‘sell’ page on the site and submit the form – we look forward to working with you. 
No, there is no contract involved when selling through Composition Gallery – we strongly believe that is an ideal partner and you will find it to be the most convenient, secure and efficient way to sell your works.
However, we do ask that you refrain from publishing the artwork for a lower price with another venue. 
It’s absolutely free to list an artwork for sale through Composition.Gallery – we make our profit between your net price and our asking price. 
Once the artwork has been successfully delivered to the buyer, we will arrange for the full payment to be wired to the seller within 5 working days.
In keeping with our ethos of being a distributor of authentic and original art, we only sell original works and limited-edition prints, created by established artists – the listing price must be right, and provenance and condition of all works must also be traceable. We require all artworks to be signed, and in the case of an edition, numbered. 
We only sell contemporary art at Composition.Gallery, which means art created from 1940 onwards.
To have a work evaluated for listing on our site, please fill out the upload form. The upload must include images of the work, alongside information regarding its condition, location and whether or not it is framed. 
Please note that in case you’re a private collector, a minimum value of 2500 EUR/USD is required for an artwork to be consigned. 
Unfortunately, without clear images of an item, we would be unable to provide an accurate pricing estimate. 
Yes, you can un-list an item at any time by simply emailing us with your request at
As the seller of an artwork, you are in complete control of the means in which you market and sell the artwork – you can do this either publicly or privately.
Selling an artwork privately means that nobody will be able to view images or the title of the piece without your prior consent – collectors will be able to enquire about it. Please note that we do not recommend private sale on multiples or unique works that are priced below 25,000 EUR or USD.
The works listed on our site are those of contemporary artists who should have several artworks already presented at a major auction house, or be currently represented by an established art gallery.
We do not sell works by Dali, Miro, Picasso, Klee or Matisse. 
Please contact us immediately to make us aware of this – we would not want to mislead any of our buyers with items that are no longer available to purchase. 
It is solely the buyer’s responsibility to pay any shipping, handling or import fees. 
In the majority of cases, the consigner is responsible for shipping the artwork – we can provide assistance on this process. 
Please download this PDF for some helpful tips on how to correctly package an artwork.
If necessary, we are also able to direct you to a local, professional company that specialises in packaging and shipping artworks. There may also be occasions where the buyer chooses to come and collect the artwork in person. 
In order to sell your artwork on Composition.Gallery, you must first visit the ‘upload’ page of our site and fill out the details on applicable form. Once the artwork has been submitted, it will be reviewed by one of our specialists to ensure that it meets our criteria for an accepted consignment – please note that we may contact you at this stage if we require any additional information regarding a piece. 
Once reviewed and approved, your work will be listed for sale on our site.
Collectors are welcome to sell their works through our site, and we also work alongside galleries and publishers. 
Composition.Gallery is an ideal partner for galleries that are looking to reach out to a growing and engaged online audience that includes curators, collectors and influences within the art market. 
We are not currently accepting artist submissions. 
There are no applicable joining or listing fees on Composition.Gallery – our profit is made by the difference between your net price and the overall sale price of an item, as listed below:
  • 10% of the sale price on items priced at 25,000 EUR and above plus
  • 15% of the sale price on items priced between 2,500 and 25,000 EUR plus
  • 20% of the sale price on items priced below 2,500 EUR
We value each artwork individually, based on recent market reports as well as previous auction prices of similar works – we also take into consideration the condition and provenance of each artwork.
Although we always strive to provide the fairest and most accurate pricing, the figures we provide are provisional and open to discussion. 
No – listing an artwork on Composition.Gallery is free of charge. 
We do not currently accept any artist submissions. 
The work will always stay in your possession until the buyer has paid for the purchase in full – this includes shipping fees. Upon receiving payment, we will coordinate the packaging and shipping of the item. 
Although your work may have met our requirements, it may be the case that we do not currently have the appropriate audience to find a buyer for your item. 
Pricing is determined by a number of different factors and is a joint decision between Composition Gallery and the owner of the artwork; among the factors that affect pricing are: the size of the artwork, the medium, the popularity of the artist (as well as their rating at the point of sale), the overall quality of the work and the importance of the work in terms of an artist’s overall oeuvre.  
We take great pride in the accuracy and fairness of our pricing system and we also encourage our sellers to be realistic in their expectations when setting a price for an artwork.
When you visit the ‘upload artwork’ tab on the site, you will be presented with a choice of options consisting of: sell publicly, sell privately, list as price on demand, or make an offer. 

PUBLICLY: The listed artwork will be published on Composition.Gallery and available for everyone to view. Collectors will be able to buy the work instantly at the listed asking price. This selling option is recommended. 

PRIVATELY: The artwork’s title, price and image will not be available for people to see – the only information we provide is the name of the artist and the type of art it is, e.g. sculpture, painting, print. Collectors will be able to submit enquiries regarding the piece; we will then make the decision on whether or not to provide the information.

PRICE ON DEMAND: A buyer must contact us for the price of the work. 

MAKE AN OFFER: Buyers will contact us directly with an offer; we will submit any serious offers over to you, at which point you can decide to accept or make a counter-offer.
There are several ways in which we promote our listed works; we are currently managing a large online advertising campaign for which we have an ever-growing E-mail list, currently consisting of 50,000 subscribers that include collectors and galleries across the world. 
We also run bi-monthly newsletters in which your artwork(s) may be featured. 
Any item listed is kept online until it is sold; we would only remove an item from the site at the request of the seller. 
Before we can list an artwork for sale, we must first see clear photos of the artwork that show its condition.
A suitable picture would be a large-sized, digital image with perfect quality – we do not publish images that feature reflection or bad lighting, etc. Please download this PDF for some useful tips on how to take a clear, good-quality photograph of your artwork. 
All purchases that are to be shipped internationally must have the appropriate documentation, as requested by the customs regulations of the country it is being transported to.
If you have any queries about the necessary documentation for your purchase, please contact us for assistance. 

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