Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


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Composition Gallery focuses on acquiring first-tier works by established artists from 1940 onwards, including original works and limited-edition prints. Each artwork must have a traceable provenance and condition, be signed by the artist, and numbered if part of an edition. We prioritize pieces that align with our commitment to authenticity and quality, reflected in our "established" artists list. If you believe your artwork meets these criteria, we invite you to submit the 'upload' form on our website.
We are keen on artworks by established artists listed on our website under the "established" artist section.  
Yes, we consider artworks from all over the world.  
However, the feasibility of acquisition also depends on the artwork's price relative to shipping costs, especially for lower-valued pieces where high shipping costs may not be justifiable.
Artwork pricing is individually assessed, considering market reports, auction history, artwork condition, and provenance. Factors like size, medium, artist popularity, and the artwork's significance are taken into account. We strive for fair pricing and encourage realistic pricing expectations.
Currently, we do not accept direct submissions from artists. Our acquisitions are primarily focused on works already in circulation within the art market, from collectors, galleries, and publishers.
If you are interested in selling your artwork to Composition Gallery, we invite you to submit details for our consideration. Please use the upload form on our ‘upload’ page, providing comprehensive information including images, the artwork's condition, its location, and whether it is framed. Our team of specialists will review your submission to ensure it aligns with our gallery's collection standards and focus. We may reach out to you for additional information to fully assess the artwork's fit with our curated selection. 
Upon submission, we'll evaluate your artwork based on provenance, price, and alignment with our collection. If interested, we will discuss the purchase price. This review process typically takes one to two weeks, subject to the volume of submissions.
Payment for purchased artworks is made via bank transfer, adhering to international financial laws and regulations. We ensure a secure and compliant transaction process for each acquisition.
Should Composition Gallery decide to purchase your artwork, we will discuss and agree upon the shipping arrangements and costs as part of the acquisition process.
We value partnerships with galleries and publishers that align with our commitment to showcasing and acquiring exceptional artworks. If you represent a gallery or publishing house and are interested in exploring collaboration opportunities with Composition Gallery, please reach out to us at Our team is keen to discuss potential synergies and how we can work together to enhance our collection and offerings.

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