Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

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Nicolas Party

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The contemporary painter, installation artist, and sculptor, Nicholas Party, is most well-known for the critically acclaimed way in which he unites a disquieting form of representation with otherwise soothing pastel colors and flowing, simplified organic shapes. Although his works characteristically feature sharp demarcations between the various subjects and elements of his compositions, they nevertheless reflect his early interest in graffiti art, exhibiting an air-brushed quality.
His landscapes feature highly stylized, abstracted depictions of trees, shrubs, and other flora, which are reminiscent of both Félix Vallotton's unemotional landscapes and Theodor Seuss Geisel's well-known illustrations. 

With respect to his portraits, Nicholas Party's figures appear both imposing and yet supple, owing to his skilled use of shading. Although irrealist in form, his subjects often stare out from the canvass with wide, penetrating eyes, much in the manner of Ferdinand Hodler's realist portraits. By denuding his own subjects of the detail associated with realist representations and depicting them as androgenous, Party's subjects appear uncanny and intense—features which are exacerbated by his use of solid backgrounds and the unusual perspective imposed upon them.

Nicolas Party

Portrait Of A Seahorse Necklace, 2021

Limited Edition Print


GBP 5,400

Nicolas Party

Portrait With A Moustache, 2013

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Mixed Media

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What is figurative art?

What is figurative art?

Sometimes known as Figurativism. It particularly describes sculptures and paintings clearly or specifically derived from sources of real objects hence they are representational as the name suggests "figurative art". This term is often used as a contrast for abstract art. However, since the coming of abstract art, this term has been used to mean any form of modern art with strong references to the actual/real world situation.

Arne QUINZE | My home

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My Home, My House, My Stilt House, 2010

Limited Edition Print

Digital Print On Paper

EUR 1,500

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Limited Edition Print


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Limited Edition Print


EUR 11,000