Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


Wade Guyton

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Wade Guyton was born in Indiana in 1972. After graduating high school he earned a B.A. from the University of Tennessee before going on to Hunter College in New York to earn his M.F.A. degree. His works of art combine the traditional use of linen canvas with the modern elements of computer and ink jet printer.
« I have always been interested in letting my works go into foreign contexts or curated ideas that I might not immediately have an affinity to »
Wade Guyton
Because of inherent flaws such as drips, streaks, and blurs, that can occur when using ink on linen, Wade Guyton never really knows what his artwork will look like, even if he had a strong conceptual drawing.
« its good to let people use the works as tools, disrespect them a bit even and let the works go out into the world to do different jobs »
Wade Guyton

Wade Guyton's signature works feature large black x's on a white linen background. Because he likes to work in a series, there are several variations of this theme in Guyton's portfolio. Recently a large scale version of one of his earlier works was recreated using a wide format printer and joining printed pieces together to form the whole.

Wade Guyton

X Poster WG1211, 2007, 2019

Limited Edition Print

Inkjet Print

GBP 5,400

Wade Guyton

IMG_1919, 2013

Limited Edition Print


EUR 1,250

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What is Process Art?

What is Process Art?

It refers to creative sentiment as well as artistic movement where the final product of craft and art is not the artist's principal focus. The term "process" in this art refers to art formation, gathering, the sorting, associating, collating, initiation and patterning of proceedings and happenings. It is concerned with the actual deed and the defining of actions as actual artwork; seeing it as purely human expression. Process art mostly entails inherent motivation, intentionality and rationale. This art is therefore, viewed as a creative process or journey rather than being an end product or a deliverable.

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Limited Edition Print

Digital Print On Paper

EUR 1,500

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Limited Edition Print


EUR 2,300

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Limited Edition Print


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Limited Edition Print


EUR 11,000