Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

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Keith Sonnier

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Kown best for his artistic creations that incorporate light and video, Keith Sonnier is considered to be a performance artist whose works belong to the Process Art Movement (or the Postminimalism Movement). Although video and lighting elements are the main mediums that are used in his artwork, Sonnier also works with glass, wires, and reflective materials including aluminum and copper.
« I love contemporary architecture, which makes collaboration more interesting-and you have to be able to collaborate. »
Keith Sonnier
Additionally, Sonnier is among a small handful of artists who infuses lighting into his sculptures. After graduating with a B.A. from the University of Southern Louisiana, Lafayette in 1963 Keith Sonnier went on to have a glamorous art career in which many of his works were presented in galleries all over the United States.
« You can't ignore what's around you, but at the same time, an artist who has a sophisticated form language knows how to pull in different elements, and readjust and redirect those. . . »
Keith Sonnier

Rather in New York, Los Angeles or abroad Sonnier's creations have gleaned the eye toward his unique creations and, although many of his creations are completed as a series there are more than a few more famously known. Well-known works in Read More

Keith Sonnier

Untitled, 1981

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What is Performance Art?

What is Performance Art?

Performance presented within the context of fine art that is traditionally interdisciplinary. It may be scripted or unscripted, random or orchestrated carefully; spontaneous or may carefully be planned without the participation of the audience. Performance can be through the media or live and the artist performing can either be present or not. The situation can involve the four basic elements: space, performer's body/his presence through a medium, time and performer-audience relationship. Artwork constitutes actions of a group or an individual at a particular time and space.

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