Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch




Ethiopia's emerging contemporary art scene mirrors its diverse cultural heritage and dynamic present. The Modern Art Museum - Gebre Kristos Desta Center in Addis Ababa champions innovative Ethiopian artists. Notable figures include Elias Sime, celebrated for his intricate, textural assemblages, and Aida Muluneh, whose striking photography addresses socio-political themes. Dive into the world of Ethiopian contemporary art with Composition Gallery's website.

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Julie Mehretu

Among the Multitude III, 2021

Limited Edition Print

Digital print on canvas

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Julie Mehretu

Untitled (Pulse), 2013

Limited Edition Print


Currently Not Available


A style in music and visual arts that uses designs that are pared-down. It began in Western art after world war II strongly in the American Visual arts. Minimalism greatly derives modernism aspects and is often seen as an anti-Abstract Expressionism and to some extend, a connection to the practices of post minimal art. Some of the prominent artists are Agnes Martin, Donald Judd, Robert Morris,Frank Stella and Dan Flavin.

Environmental art

This is a collective term used to refer to a wide range of arts and practices that include the historical and ecological approaches to artistic works. The term often encompasses the ecological concerns though it is neither certain nor specific on this. It acknowledges and appreciates the early history environmental art movement as well as the art with a lot of activist concerns not forgetting the art that celebrates the connection between nature and the artist by use of natural materials.

Kinetic art

International movement referring to both apparent and real motion of art created in the 1920s and 1960s. It is explained as art emerging from any medium containing some movement that depends on motion for effect or can be perceived by the viewer. Canvas paintings are some of the notable and earliest examples of this art type. Speaking pertinently, kinetic art today refers to 3 dimensional figures and sculptures such as those operated by machines or those that move naturally. It encompasses a variety of styles and techniques that overlap.

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