Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch




Contemporary Art in Australia is a dynamic blend of traditional and innovative practices, reflecting the country's diverse cultural heritage and vibrant spirit. From Sydney, the epicenter of Australia's art scene, to the cutting-edge galleries spread across the country, Australian contemporary art is a testament to the nation's creative prowess. Artists such as Patricia Piccinini and Ben Quilty have gained international acclaim, showcasing the unique Australian perspective to the world. The annual Sydney Biennale further highlights Australia's commitment to contemporary art, attracting collectors and enthusiasts from around the globe.

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Rudolf Polanszky

Untitled, 1980s

Drawing / Watercolor

Mixed Media

EUR 40,000 - 50,000

Rudolf Polanszky

Untitled, 1983

Drawing / Watercolor

Mixed Media

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Good / Great Morning 4, 2020

Limited Edition Print


Currently Not Available

Oil on canvas

A type of paint that dries slowly and consists of pigment particles suspended in oil for drying, mostly linseed oil. By adding a solvent like turpentine, the paint's viscosity may be modified and vanish can also be added to increase glossiness of the paint film that's dried. Use of oil began long time ago in Europe from as early as the 12th century where it was commonly used for decoration. It was however, not adopted to be used as a medium up until the 15th century.

Etching and Aquatint

Etching and Aquatint are terms related to printing. An Aquatint has the master printing plate etched with microscopic pits and cracks to produce unlimited gradations in tone. This helps to re-create the broad and flat tints seen in watercolor drawings and ink washes.

Concrete art

Art movement that strongly emphasizes on abstraction. The term concrete was coined by the artist Theo Van Doesburg as he founded a group in the 1930s called "Art Concret" together with four other artists namely Heinz Mack, Yaacov Agam, Pol Bury and Jesus Soto Rafael. Concrete art can include both sculpture and painting..

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