Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch




Poland's contemporary art scene mirrors the country's dynamic history and cultural evolution. Pioneering artists like Pawe? Althamer and Aneta Grzeszykowska continually push boundaries through their innovative works. Key institutions such as the Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw and the MOCAK in Krakow serve as stages for this vibrant discourse. For an immersive experience into Poland's thriving contemporary art scene, explore Composition Gallery's website.

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Wilhelm Sasnal

Damned Youth, 2011

Limited Edition Print


Currently Not Available


Sand is loose grains of material primarily made of quartz, mica, feldspar and other minerals and rocks. Sand paintings are made by pouring colored sands into designs; often for cultural rituals and special celebrations. The designs take many days to complete, and finally brushed away.

Found Object

Found object is the term used for a man-made or natural object, or object fragment which an artist either finds or buys, keeping it for inspiration or as a work of art. The artist may also modify it, or use it for collage or assemblage.


Textile is the term used to describe a flexible material formed by weaving, felting, crocheting, knitting or knotting long strands of natural or artificial yarn or thread. Textile artists often create their own textiles, or use selected ones in fabric art compositions.

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