Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch




Poland's contemporary art scene mirrors the country's dynamic history and cultural evolution. Pioneering artists like Pawe? Althamer and Aneta Grzeszykowska continually push boundaries through their innovative works. Key institutions such as the Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw and the MOCAK in Krakow serve as stages for this vibrant discourse. For an immersive experience into Poland's thriving contemporary art scene, explore Composition Gallery's website.

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Wilhelm Sasnal

Damned Youth, 2011

Limited Edition Print


Currently Not Available

Sound Art

Artistic discipline where sound is used as a medium. Like the other contemporary art genres, Sound Art is interdisciplinary in its nature. It can engage with a wide range of subjects that include electronics, acoustics, noise music, psychoacoustics, audio media, video or film and sculpture among other subjects. Early examples of sound art include Luigi Russolo's noise intoners and other experiments done by surrealists, Dadaists and happenings of Fluxus among others.

Pixel art

Pixel art is a specific digital art created pixel by pixel. It is similar to making a mosaic, where small bits are individually placed, creating larger artworks. Nostalgia is credited for the pixel art trend which uses video game art techniques in new art.

Pop art

Refers to an art movement that began in Britain in 1955 and late 1950s in the U.S. It challenged fine arts tradition by including popular culture imagery such as news and advertising. Pop art sometimes isolates and removes a material from its context and combines it with another unrelated material. This concept refers much to the attitudes that resulted in it and not on the art itself. Pop art employs comic books, advertising and other mass culture aspects. It is interpreted to have come as a reaction to abstract expressionism dominant ideas.

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