Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch




Pakistan's contemporary art scene thrives on its unique blend of historical legacies and modern narratives. In the vibrant labyrinth of this artistic landscape, artists like Rashid Rana and Imran Qureshi fuse tradition with innovation. Spaces like the National Art Gallery in Islamabad and the Lahore Biennale Foundation stage this dynamic discourse, introducing a powerful Pakistani voice to the global art scene. Learn more about Pakistan's compelling contemporary art on Composition Gallery's website.

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Rashid Rana

Veil II, 2004



Currently Not Available


Photogravure is a process for printing photographs onto paper by etching the photograph on a copper plate. The plate was inked and pressed to the paper. The process created fine art photographs which have a distinctive beautiful appearance. Photogravure was replaced by the daguerreotype process.

Contemporary Art

Contemporary art describes avant-garde or innovative art created in the recent past or the present day. The date describing the beginning of contemporary art varies by the institutions which exhibit the style. The museums often date the era based on their founding year.


A watercolor paint that's opaque unlike the usual transparent watercolors. It gives an artist the freedom to paint layers from the light to the dark ones. Gouache is often used for the solid colors when painting. It is a type of paint in the wide category of the water-media that consists of a pigment, binding agent and an inert material designed specifically for use in a method that is opaque.

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