Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch




Kenya's contemporary art scene combines traditional aesthetics with fresh artistic perspectives. Nairobi's Circle Art Gallery and the Nairobi National Museum are pivotal in showcasing innovative art. Prominent Kenyan artists, like Wangechi Mutu and Michael Soi, are significantly influencing the global contemporary art scene. Discover the vibrant world of Kenyan contemporary art at Composition Gallery's website.

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Wangechi Mutu

Homeward Bound, 2010

Limited Edition Print

Mixed Media

EUR 11,500

Live Art

Live art is a form of performance event, begun in the 1960s, which is generally exploratory and innovative. The art is presented by a single artist or artist group before a live audience. Humans, animals and living plants may be included in the event.


Unusual and experimental ideas in arts or on the side of people introducing the ideas. The ideas push the boundaries or limits of what is accepted as the status quo or norm in the realm of culture. The movement is liked by artists and many of them continue doing it tracing Dada's history through situationists all the way to the post modern artists.

Lyrical Abstraction

Descriptive term that characterizes abstract painting type that has a close relationship with Abstract Expressionism and has been in use from 1940s to date. Lyrical abstraction may also be used to describe two distinct but related trends in the aftermath of second world war modernist artwork(painting in specific). This art movement was born in Paris, France after war.  

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