Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch




Ghana's contemporary art scene brims with creativity, reflecting its rich traditions and current realities. Accra's Gallery 1957 and the annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival offer platforms for artists' expression. El Anatsui, renowned for his bottle-cap tapestries, and Serge Attukwei Clottey, noted for his performance and plastic works, exemplify Ghana's artistic dynamism. Explore Ghana's contemporary art at Composition Gallery's website.

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El Anatsui

Black & Silver, 2018

Limited Edition Print

Pigment print

USD 18,000


A style in music and visual arts that uses designs that are pared-down. It began in Western art after world war II strongly in the American Visual arts. Minimalism greatly derives modernism aspects and is often seen as an anti-Abstract Expressionism and to some extend, a connection to the practices of post minimal art. Some of the prominent artists are Agnes Martin, Donald Judd, Robert Morris,Frank Stella and Dan Flavin.


Ceramics is an art form using clay to create objects. The clay is shaped, molded and formed by hand, using specialized tools, and baked, or fired, in a high temperature oven, or kiln. Decorative color, special glazes, are painted on, and fired again to finish.

Shock Art

Shock Art is a movement which incorporates disturbing images, scents or sounds to provoke a shocked reaction and experience in viewers. Viewed by critics and proponents as social commentary, either negative or positive, the art form seeks to use taboo, obscene or outrageous components.

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