Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic boasts a vibrant contemporary art scene, rooted in its rich artistic heritage. The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague and the Moravian Gallery in Brno feature an array of groundbreaking works. Renowned artists like David ?erný, known for his provocative public installations, and Ji?í David, whose multidisciplinary practice challenges societal norms, encapsulate the innovative spirit of Czech contemporary art. Explore more on Composition Gallery's website.

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Georg Jiri Dokoupil

Untitled, 1989


Acrylic on canvas

EUR 17,500 - 20,000

Georg Jiri Dokoupil

Untitled (red),

Limited Edition Print


EUR 750

Georg Jiri Dokoupil

Goldblau, 2018

Limited Edition Print


Currently Not Available

New Media Art

Genre encompassing all artworks created through the technologies of the new media including computer graphics, digital art, virtual art, internet art, computer animation, video games, 3D printing and computer robotics. Concerns under new media are mostly derived from mas media, telecommunications and the modes of digital electronic for delivering the works include practices that range from installation to performance, virtual to conceptual art.


Silkscreen is a method for making prints using a screen made of silk or some other mesh fabric. The screen is prepared with a substance which only allows the ink forced through it to print in selected areas. Each color used needs a separate screen.


Automatism refers to the process of accessing material from the unconscious or subconscious within the creative process. It is Sigmund Freud’s method used during psychoanalysis called free association. Artists valued the process for its ability to stimulate creative thought and activity.

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